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Green Mountain Power Energy Efficiency Fund Furnace Fan Motor Rebate Application 1. Complete this application if you are a Green Mountain Power residential customer and you

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Vermont Fuel Price Report AApprriill 22001122 What do I pay for dealer discounts for cash or self-service, except propane prices, which are an average of the credit and discount price. Propane efficiency furnace/ boiler.

Vermont Castings Vigilant Wood Stove Installation 1977 Vermont castings vigilant burning like a charm after burn cleaning. Vermont Castings installed a propane furnace but the cost was too high. Excellent condition and ready to install and use!

To better understand current greenhouse heating practices a survey of Vermont greenhouse Vermont use 296,000 gallons of propane and 59,000 gallons of fuel oil each year to heat ‘The furnace requires daily refilling,

NATURAL GAS TO PROPANE CONVERSION KIT 20491501 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALTITUDES 0 – 4,500 FT. ONLY furnace must be isolated from the gas supply piping system by closing the manual gas shutoff valve. Check the Furnace Input Rate (if required)

2 This report documents the results of a comparative assessment of the impacts of fuel-switching residential oil or propane space heating in Vermont to either gas heating or electric heating

Direct Vent/Natural Vent Gas Heater 12734 Stardance Dv cover In order to connect Propane, use a fitting with 3/8” NPT service, a list of Authorized Vermont Casting dealers can be located on the internet at

Cast Iron Gas Stoves furnace. The combustion chamber in the stove is surrounded (NG) or can easily be converted to propane (LP). The LP conversion kit is included with every stove at no additional cost. Why Buy a Lopi Gas Stove?

1 Heating Your Home in Vermont with a Wood Stove A publication of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association Created by Ben Luce, Ph.D., with support from the

REBATE FORM Valid July 1 – December 31, 2015 COMMERCIAL HEATING VENTILATION Efficiency Vermont c/o Rebate Coordinator 128 Lakeside Ave., Suite 401 Burlington, VT 05401 Total Rebate Section 7$ 7 FURNACE FAN MOTORS

By Chris Callahan, University of Vermont Extension, November 2013 David has had prior experience using an LDJ A-Maize-ing Furnace (165,000 BTU/hr input) with better With propane at $4/gal,

Vermont BGS previously operated a heat plant that utilized clean wood chips and No. 6 fuel oil to generate steam backup oil boiler kept as a standby unit using No. 2 fuel oil. The plant continues to supply steam to the State Capital

Combustion & Dilution Air for Oil Burners (70 kBtu/h; 18 k ft3 house) 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 Conventional Cast Iron Retention Head Hi-Static Oil, NO Furnace with natural draft and dilution air Did NOT met AFUE std and has been off the market for 15 years! “Antique” Conventional Boilers

The U.S. Census of Agriculture reported that Vermont’s greenhouse crop production was worth To better understand current greenhouse heating practices a survey of Vermont greenhouse Pete Johnson and his Clean Burn 5000 vegetable oil furnace. 16 Vermont Herb and Salad Jared and Heather

Heating Oil Tank Decommissioning Guidance for Homeowners Oregon laws covering the voluntary decommissioning of heating oil tanks are in Oregon Revised and close to where the furnace is located within the home.

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