Propane Gas Heater

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4.98 applies to gas-fired portable heaters for recreational and commercial use, having energy-input rates up to and including 10,000 Btu/hr. propane gas and the heater was placed on the electronic scale inside of the chamber.

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2 105567 INFRARED PROPANE/LP GAS HEATER 1. This appliance is only for use with the type of gas indicated on the rating plate. This appliance is not convertible for use

24 Conversion Instructions—Natural Gas to LP Gas Replace main burner natural gas orifice with the Red colored main burner orifice (stamped LP) supplied

CAUTION – FOR YOUR SAFETY Vent-Free Gas Wall Heater Infrared WARNING:This appliance is equipped for (Natural and Propane) gas. Field conversion is not permitted Propane is truly exceptional energy. Not only does it power your home comfortably, affordably and safely, it also

4 103112 VENT FREE PROPANE/LP GAS HEATER BLUE FLAME 6000 BTU/HR WARNING: If the area in which the heater may be operated is smaller than that defined as an

Date: December 20, 1999 No. 137 Rev. 2 Subject: Gas Water Heater Conversion Policy To: All Accounts * This supersede all previous letters and field bulletins concerning residential and commercial water heater conversion.

Conversion instructions—Natural Gas to LP Gas If your gas supply is LP gas, your water heater can be converted to burn LP gas as follows: 24 WARNING: This conversion kit must be installed by a qualified installer or service technician in accordance with these

GAS PATIO HEATER MODEL #BSH-A-SS Français p. 26 Español p. 51 Serial Number Purchase Date • Propane gas is heavier than air and leaking propane will sink to the lowest level possible. It can ignite by ignition sources including matches,

Vent heaters feature low cost installation. The slim-profile design takes up less space than other heaters. Use in HouseWarmer Slim-Profile Direct Vent Heater with Blower — Propane, 15,000 BTU, Model Gas Inlet (in.) Instructions for

527 CMR: BOARD OF FIRE PREVENTION REGULATIONS 30.04: continued (4) Unvented propane or natural gas-fired space heaters shall be installed in accordance with

CO EMISSIONS FROM A PORTABLE PROPANE CATALYTIC HEATER June 2003 Prepared By David R. Tucholski Two identical catalytic heaters were tested as part of this project and are referred to as Heater 1 and Heater 2. Propane Gas

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