Propane Heater Heads

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SUNGLO REPLACEMENT HEATER HEADS PRICING Item # Description $ Price 10278 1 Natural Gas Head Assembly w/o Spark Ignition (Light PROPANE BLANK PLATE ON VALVE 15 * NAT GAS REGULATOR ON VALVE 40 17 80005 1 NIPPLE, 3/8 X 1-5/8 3 18

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Co/emane Follow instructions and warnings to avoid fires, serious injury, or death. A WARNING: Always inspect propane cylinder and heater propane connections for damage, dirt, and debris before attaching propane cylinder.

CO EMISSIONS FROM A PORTABLE PROPANE CATALYTIC HEATER June 2003 Prepared By David R. Tucholski Directorate for Laboratory Sciences United States Consumer Product Safety Commission

When finished using the Infrared Heater, turn the propane/LP gas tank valve clock-wise to close the valve. The flame should go out. Then, turn the Burner Regulating 888-Warm-Glo Patio Comfort Outdoor Patio Heater Model PC-02 4Parts Diagram and Repair Parts 8 18For Heater Heads Model PC-02 (AB, J/SV, S, and W finishes)

01/15 LT017 Series S Infrared Heater Installation, Operation and Service Instructions Installer Read and thoroughly understand these instructions before attempting any installation.

INFRARED RADIANT TUBE HEATER. 1) sprinkler heads, gas and electrical lines and any other possible obstructions or Propane Gas 10.0” W.C. 4.0” W.C. 11” W.C. 14” W.C. Minimum permissible gas supply pressure for purpose of input adjustment.

Installation and operation manual direct vent gas water heater models sw6d • sw6de • sw6dm • sw6dem for installation in recreational vehicles and mobile housing

Z223.1/NFPA54 or the Natural Gas And Propane Installation Code CSAB149.1. overhead doors, storage area s with stacked materials, sprinkler heads, gas and electrical lines, and any other possible Each 50’ LTU tube heater contains one 10’ Starting Body Package and one 15’ Body

HEATER ASSEMBLY The tank collar bracket must be assembled before the heaters can be attached to the propane tank. 1. align bolt holes in tank collar bracket and piezo bracket with bolt holes in center plate on manifold.

Vortec 4.3L V-6 Features & Benefits Industrial Engine Available Options ¶Threaded block heater/drain hole – left side ¶Cast aluminum front cover epoxy painted for ¶Heavy-duty cylinder heads with exhaust seat inserts, induction hardened inlet seats, and low load valve springs

Home Owner Contractor Industrial SaleS Equipment Power Tools SPS Floor Grinder (Heads Extra) * 70.00 280.00 840.00 165,000 BTU Kerosene Heater 25.00 75.00 225.00 50,000 BTU Tiger Torch 10.00 30.00 90.00 Pig Tail 5.00 15.00 45.00

The home depot #7011 2575 electrical supplies 32w t8 48"10 1998-2 parts for mike radio 1998-3 mop heads and nitrile gloves 2000-8 safety lockes 2000-9 evans hardware #1026-7 lro document view #608541 1968-42 lro document view #609014 1971-55 lro document view #609093

27. When no one is home, turn the air conditioner up or the heater down. 28. Make sure your fire-place Install a clean burning natural gas or propane fireplace or stove instead of wood Visit for schedules of trains through the Davis Depot at 840 Second Street. 101. Buy

To keep entry and home cool, see if you can shade or cover your porch heads at home-depot that shoot a strong spray without wasting tons of water. 6. Use your outdoor grill when you can. Propane is not highly expensive and a tank lasts a long time. Charcoal is also inexpensive.

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