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RENT IT SAFELY: Propane Construction Heaters As the user of a construction heater you must ensure the following: a) By signing the Rental Agreement the Renter acknowledges receipt of equipment in good working condition and

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Val 6 Heater Manual The most popular Val6 radiant space heaters consume between.85 to 1.1 GAS AND LIQUID PROPANE / SOLVES MANUAL RE-FUELING INTERVALS.

Service manual low pressure portable forced air heater hot surface ignition models section a

Propane Guidelines As many members of the industry are aware, propane-fired heater. Rental of Propane-fired Heaters When renting propane equipment (heaters and tanks) be sure to get information

Temporary Heating Systems For Buildings Under Construction Or • Air Heater – an indirect-fired appliance intended to supply heated air for space heating and other purposes but not intended for permanent installation.

space-heating technology…vent-free heaters (log fireplaces, Using a heater with greater heat output than recommended may be harmful to your health. New York State law requires the propane gas company’s truck

—2— At Portable Heater Partswe understand the importance of technical service support. Our Technical Service Manual is a comprehensive 284 page manual to assist you with the most up-to-date technical

An indicator of its performance as a space heater. The Canadian Standards Association installer or water heater rental company to ensure that the water heater that you have propane and oil-fired water heaters differ from those for electric water heaters.

This gas-fired water heater is design certified by CSA International under the natural gas and liquefied petroleum gases/propane gas. 1. Connect this water heater only to the type of gas (Natural or Propane gas) All piping components connected to this water heater for space heating

Propane & Natural Gas Portable Space Heater 342 N. Co. Rd. 400 East Valparaiso, IN 46383 219-464-8818 • 888-432-8924 • Fax 800-255-7985. Title: Millenium Spec Sheet Author: Paulita Created Date:

UNDERSTANDING HIGH EFFICIENCY WATER HEATER TECHNOLOGIES Many fuel options are available, including electricity, natural gas, oil, and propane. One drawback of these units is the energy used to keep the water hot at all times,

Space limitations, installation costs and difference in cost of various heater and tank combinations that meet minimum storage and recovery requirements will naturally influence circulation between heater and tank is recommended. ELECTRIC

Gas furnace Electric furnace Gas space heater Electric space heater Fireplace Wood heater Other N/A Building or rental codes violated: Yes No Unknown N/A If building or rental codes were violated, please describe the violations. Battery Missing Battery Unplugged Battery Dead Other

Heaters 2500&C2500Series WARNING Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions Dear Owner, Congratulations! HEATER DRAPES Figure2:ClearanceforDrapery Example1 Example2 Wiring compartment cover Screw Table2:NetVolumesofWiringCompartment CUBIC CUBIC

ELECTRIC PORTABLE HEATERS 1500 W A radiant heater is the right choice when you need to heat people in a large open space. Visit for our full line of rental equipment. ELECTRICPORTABLEHEATERS-0313 ELECTRIC PORTABLE HEATERS

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