Radiant Heater For A Garage

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COMPACT INFRARED GAS TUBE HEATER Utilizing a heavy-duty heat exchanger, the Beacon/Morris infrared tube heater provides an efficient source of radiant heat for a wide variety of hard-to-heat spaces. Whether you need to heat your garage,

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INSTALLATION AND OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS OWNER / INSTALLER: For your safety this manual must be carefully and thoroughly read and understood before installing, operating or servicing this heater. RESIDENTIAL RADIANT GARAGE TUBE HEATER Single and Two Stage Pull Through System (Negative Pressure)

A radiant tube heater is different from radiant brooders or pancake brooders (which also emit radiant heat) in that its burners are enclosed in a firebox instead of being exposed to house air as Typical radiant tube heater installation plan for 40 x 400 foot house.

The Series GR heater by Superior Radiant Products has been speci´Čücally designed for residential garage and workshop applications and approved to CSA’s stringent residential requirements. BALANCED FLUE CONSTRUCTION

Garage Heaters Input Options – Single – Hi / Lo – Modulating Modulating remote control panel (optional) (patent pending) aluminum reflector, 4” mild steel radiant heat exchanger, tube couplers, joint/hanger pieces, heat economizer baffle.

Screen that will increase the overall emissivity of the radiant surface with a black body radiation effect and could serve as a year for all components utilized in the heater’s control ass embly. Mounting Height Ceramic heaters may be mounted at various heights and angles,

56 BURNER HEAD & RELATED PARTS (Refer to page 58 for part numbers & description) 13 11 FIGURE #45. BURNER HEAD PARTS 10 12

Installation Procedures WARNING: Gas-fired appliances are not designed for use in hazardous atmospheres containing flammable vapors or combustible dust, Requirements for installation vary depending on the model of heater and the type of installation.

Trouble shooting guide intended to define the most common types of service problems found with heating equipment, the When servicing any unit heater locate the rating plate and record the model number, power code number, control code

Overhead Radiant Heating [STRATEGY] HIGH PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY TEMPLATES (Revision 0, 10-31-2010) P a g e | 1 These TechNotes are intended to provide general information for the consideration of design strategies.

GF-14 Garage Fan and Attic Cooler In hot climates the radiant heat trapped in a garage The attic acts as a super-large radiant heater forcing the air conditioner to work harder. The GF-14 moves this super-heated air out of the

CONTROLS FOR RADIANT HEATING GENERAL SUPPLEMENT 410 water heater as the heating source. Please note that with an indirect system, both pumps (the heating zone and the heat exchanger pump) need to come on simultaneously and are wired into the same set of

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