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NOISE CONTROL IN ELECTRIC STEELWORKS Author: Ph.D. Mihai Costescu Noise and Vibration Laboratory I.N.C.D.P.M. Bucharest One of the most important sources in the steelworks is the electric arc furnaces.

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Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces Tech to Tech Column Nov. 07 “Make daily deposits to your box of knowledge, soon it will have many

2 Proper Venting of Gas Furnaces What is the Best Way to Vent a Condensing Gas Furnace? Bryant introduced the first high-efficiency condensing gas furnace in the early 1980s.

Modern Aluminum Melting Furnaces •Energy Efficient Gas Furnaces Noise Level < 85 dba > 90 dba Technology Comparison Chart A Clear Green Option, The Real Financial Choice. Aluminum Melting Actual Comparison

Require a 2 or 3 inch vent pipe depending on your furnace size even though all of the furnaces have a 2 inch opening where the vent pipe connects. • Even though your furnace has a ½ inch connection for the gas supply line,

Ondensing gas furnaces are the most energy-efficient furnaces on the market today. They are an ideal choice as a new or replacement furnace for virtually any home serviced by

Only save energy, they also reduce noise, output in as small as 1% increments for the ultimate in precision comfort. 5 Stainless Steel Secondary Heat Exchanger: Gas Furnaces • 44,000–132,000 Btuh • Direct-vent or non-direct-vent

Gas Furnaces Outstanding 96% AFUE efficiency That’s why we’re proud to cover our Guardian® heating and cooling equipment fully insulated cabinet that reduces noise and summer sweating. And for chilly nights when extra warmth is desired,

Gas Heating Products March 2006 UH-TS-1 Indoor and Outdoor Units Indirect Fired, Direct Fired, and Gas Unit Heaters

To a significant degree the noise level from steel-melting furnaces depends upon their capacib7 and operating sequence. For example To reduce effectively the noise of the gas burner Figure 4 shows a small noise silencer.

Furnace | Gas Furnaces G71P Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace | Lennox Residential 1/13/09 2:43 PM file:///Users/Cornel/Desktop/overview.asp Page 1 of 1 PRODUCT OVERVIEW Fully Insulated Cabinet -Patented noise-reducing construction further


G71P variable Capacity gas Furnace featuring patented noise-reducing construction and SilentComfort™ technology, further reduces operating sound to an expect from the G71P furnace, versus older furnaces with lower efficiency ratings.

High-Efficiency Variable Speed Gas Furnaces A97MV THE PROFESSIONAL’S CHOCEArmstrong Air’s best furnAces. chosen by the best in the hVAc industry.

Installation and service manual outdoor rooftop gas-fired duct furnace (natural or power vented) (s) rism-9 j30-05380a attention: read this manual and all labels attached to the unit carefully

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