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If you’re a commercial electric or natural gas customer of NorthWestern Energy, you’re probably leaving opportunities for small commercial customers on NorthWestern Energy’s electric Eligible measures include high efficiency furnace or water heater, stack heat exchanger

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Contains minute amount of such hydrocarbons and error in the results would be very small. Exhibit 2: Typical fuel (natural gas) Available heat for the furnace (%) result is considered valid for different compositions of natural gas and for most

SUBJECT: Residential Gas Furnace LP Conversion Kit Changes & can also be converted to LP or to Natural Gas by getting the Original Kit P/N S1-1NP0347 – Original Version (Small flat box) Single Stage Induced Combustion Furnaces

Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Water Heaters Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Water Heaters

Natural Gas Furnace Must be < 250 MBtuh 0.94 AFUE and above $20 x capacity of the new unit in MBtuh Natural Gas Boiler Natural Gas Storage Water Heater Small ≤ 60 gallons ≥ 0.65 EF $25 Natural Gas Storage Water Heater Large > 60 gallons ≥ 0.65 EF or 0.825 TE

Gas Furnace USER’S INFORMATION MANUAL FOR THE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF YOUR NEW GAS-FIRED FURNACE NOTE TO INSTALLER: THIS MANUAL MUST BE LEFT WITH THE EQUIPMENT USER. of your new furnace—and the small amount of maintenance it takes to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

ENERGY-EFFICIENCY PROGRAM REBATE APPLICATION OKLAHOMA NATURAL GAS 1. Account and Customer Information Natural Gas Furnace or Boiler 95%+ Efficient wastes gas and makes the system dirty. Too small, and

7” w.c. Natural Gas or 11” w.c. for L.P. Gas, the pilot flame size should be decreased. Pilot flame too large or too small. 1. Cozy Gas Fired Floor Furnace 10 Years 10 Years Cozy

Natural Gas. To Save Money, Conserve! n If your furnace is more than 10 years old or not keeping your house comfortable, consider replacing it with an Energy Star model. Incentives may be Small business customers can receive free

Endothermic Gas produced from natural gas (CH4) is primarily composed of: While the amount of carbon dioxide and water vapor within endothermic gas is relatively small, within the heat treating furnace where the endothermic gas will be introduced.

Natural Gas safety What You Need to KNoW become brittle over time and develop small cracks, which can leak gas. n Don’t step, sit, lean, or place any objects on flexible n Keep your furnace or boiler’s air intake supply clear

LPM-08 TWO-STAGE FURNACE, NATURAL GAS TO LP GAS CONVERSION KIT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ATTENTION INSTALLING PERSONNEL attach the smaLL, round L.p. LabeLs to the top of the reguLator cover screws. 23. Using a soap and water solution,

A technology was developed that allowed burning natural gas in industrial boilers while producing nitrogen oxide (NO X) Although it represents a small portion of the NO X within the confines of the given furnace geometry. Burner Testing Validating the concept of using

The combustion occurs. A small portion of this grate of O2 and CO measured at the furnace exit with and without natural gas reburning. The addition of reburn D. G. "Reduction of NO. Emissions from MSW Combustion Using Gas Reburning."

NATURAL GAS TO LP GAS CONVERSION KIT(S) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Turn off gas supply to the furnace. 2. small variations in gas flow should be made by means of the pressure regulator adjustment. In no case should the

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