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SC12012 – Rev 4 1 Grid-Interactive Electric Thermal Storage (GETS) Water Heating “Smart” domestic Space and Water Heaters provide affordable energy storage and grid control for

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Residential electric water heaters with capacities of 20 to 120 gallons. Input rating of 12 Kw or less. LISTED Instruction Manual RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS FOR POTABLE WATER HEATING ONLY NOT SUITABLE FOR SPACE HEATING. 2 and/or the local electric utility. WATER HEATERS EQUIPPED FOR

However, estimated usage of liquid-fueled space heaters is now so low – 0.8 million as primary heating and 1.3 million as secondary heating B. Portable or Stationary Electric Space Heaters . Factor Fires Civilian Deaths Civilian Injuries Direct Property

$206 per year using space heaters. • See your usage patterns with easy to read reports and make cost-saving adjustments • If you have difficulty locating your ESI ID or meter number, call your Retail Electric Provider.

Space heaters.Space heaters are energy hogs, drawing a kilowatt or more of power. As a first step, For office spaces that have large swings in occupancy, energy can be saved by decreasing the amount of ventila-tion supplied by the HVAC system during

Residential point of use electric water heaters for potable water heating only not suitable for space heating. 2 mixing valve usage point of use electric models key no. part description

ELECTRIC TANKLESS WATER HEATERS sei15a Credit: 1.5 AIA HSW CE Hour which can in turn be used to condition surrounding space. • Heat pump water heaters experience very slow recovery rates, during the hot water usage does not impact the comfort of the user as the time is too

Residential Space and Water Heaters SUMMARY The U.S. Department of Energy estimated that in 1990 there were over 50.3 million residential gas-fueled water

One of the biggest increases in winter electric usage comes from the use of electric space heaters, heat tapes, and heat lamps. Do you have any? How often do you use them? weather, and heaters in livestock waterers may have been on for most of the billing period.

Space heaters: Ensure you use them safely • Electric space heaters should be checked for signs of fraying or splitting wires or overheating. Likewise, Pinpoints energy usage and opportunities to save based

Items that onsume Electricity Electric heat Gas or oil heat blower/circulator motors Stoves Space heaters Refrigerators Toasters Microwaves

An electric motor that does not experience regular usage while being exposed to normally humid atmospheric conditions is likely to Motor space heaters (when present) are to be connected and energized whenever there is a

Space heaters should also never be used with extension Examples of Improper Space Heater Usage To the right is an image of an improperly utilized space heater in a Congressional facility. The space heater is located beneath a sink and could easily come in contact

Baseboard Heater Store Your Source For Electric Baseboard Heaters ** This example is an approximation of what 10 hours of constant usage of a 2000 watt heater may hypothetically cost to Make sure there is adequate clearance for drapes above the electric space heating units to ensure

Space Heater Usage Policy Space heaters should be limited to use in temporary conditions and with the EH&S and Physical Plant reserve the right to inspect and remove from service any space heater that • Be electric

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