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Steam Cooling Systems for Buildings Explained Con Edison AKF Engineers Spring 2008 Joseph Rubino, PE Steam Seminar. ¾Con Edison steam is a viable solution for heating and cooling systems. In Summary. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint

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Two-pipe steam heating system. water line main vent pitch 1 inch in 20feet vent valve supply systems 5 gravity open vent boiler water line pitch 1" in 20 feet down-feed supply riser down-feed return riser steam supply main supply valve thermostatic trap

heating oil are available in most areas, while natural gas may not. 2 rating for a fossil-fueled steam boiler is 75%. Although a condensing unit costs more than Today’s furnace systems can provide not only heating, but also ventilation and cooling functions for the home.

STEAM HEATING SYSTEM TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Page 1 of 9 Revision: 0 Date: this most likely indicates the steam output of the boiler is not sufficient to meet the steam demands of the heating system. thermostatic traps are not recommended for steam heating systems.

Steam Boiler RV350-S150-FDG Actual combustion efficiencies for oil will be higher. (4) Lbs. steam per hour from and at 212°F. K. Bryan bent water tubes are flexible, individually re- especially important for heating systems, particularly

V9 Series Cast iron water or steam boiler Gas, oil, or gas/oil combination 447 – 2367 MBH Modular/multiple boiler systems, such as the Apex put the efficiency, Your Commercial Heating Solution! Cast Iron Commercial Water or Steam Boiler V9 Series

CAST IRON COMMERCIAL WATER OR STEAM BOILER Your Commercial Heating Solution! extensive piping systems, Steam Water MBH Oil (GPH) (4) Gas (MBH) Net Firebox Volume (Cu. Ft.) Pressure in Firebox (In. Wtr. Column)

The PRECISION Model FPS Vertical Firetube Steam Boiler features the traditional fi retube • Thermal Storage Systems Space Heating & Domestic or Process Water; Electric, Gas or Steam Fired • Boiler Feedwater Systems • Gas or Oil-Fired Vertical Firetube Boilers and Water Heaters • Gas

Exceed 3500 parts per million in a scotch marine boiler. If boiler blowdown is boiler. In heating systems which require the addition of water to Test oil atomizing medium interlock by interrupting flow of compressed air or steam to burner. Oil valves must close, with subsequent flame

ALL HEATING SYSTEMS SHOULD BE DESIGNED BY COMPETENT CONTRACTORS AND ONLY PERSONS and can lead to boiler failure. Burnham's Turn on oil burner and allow boiler to steam for 10 minutes, then turn off burner.

Units are separate from processing systems and complete within offering for sale a condemned boiler or pressure vessel for operation within this State shall be subject to the of a steam heating boiler exceed 15 psi,

Central heating systems within a domestic property are often overlooked and taken for granted. • Oil type C2 – Burns kerosene which is the same as jet fuel • System boiler – This boiler provides central heating only or heating and a store of hot water in a hot water cylinder

Conematic Heating Systems Inc. Hydronic Boiler Radiant Unit Water Natural Gas 90 CM­RU Northshore Welding Rayes Boiler Steam Oil 85 S6 (Oil, Steam) Northshore Welding Rayes Boiler Water Gas 85 S4 (Gas, Water)

Water heating systems (30 PSI Max.) and steam heating systems (15 PSI Max.). Do not use or store flammable liquids, A stoker-fired boiler is different from an oil, gas or electric unit in that the fire must be main-tained by periodic running of the stoker, even

Are available in seven sizes ranging from 88 to 288 MBH in both natural and propane gas with intermittent ignition systems. REFERENCE: Water and Steam 8HE Series Specifications Boiler Model Number Input Heating 1 Burner input based on No. 2 fuel oil with a heating value of 140,000

Water & Steam Boilers – Series 2 88 Burner Model Number A B C D E F G H Approx Table 2 Burner data — #2 Fuel oil — Two-stage firing Boiler Model Number Burner Model Number Combustion Head Setting Combustion Air Light oil ratings based on No. 2 fuel oil with heating value of 140,000

Steam Boiler RV350-S150-FDG Actual combustion efficiencies for oil will be higher. (4) Lbs. steam per hour from and at 212°F. K. Bryan bent water tubes are flexible, individually re- especially important for heating systems, particularly

Circulating fluidized bed boiler and supporting systems, and the steam turbine generator and supporting systems. Again, Heating value (Btu/scf) (HHV) 110.0 : 110.0 : 110.0 : 128.8 : assuming the thermal energy is displacing high priced natural gas or fuel oil. 7.

NEW/USED/RECONDITIONED BOILERS & EQUIPMENT FOR SALE S-10 40HP Steam 200 psi Gas/#2 oil 48’trailer enclosed complete steam system; 1979 Cleaver – Brooks L66917 NB44564 PA Serial # 246651B

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