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TEMPERATURE PRODUCTS Model ADJ 3" and 5" Adjustable Angle Industrial Bimetallic Thermometers DESCRIPTION U.S. Gauge offers 3" and 5" heavy duty, industrial bime-tallic thermometers with a versatile case and stem that can be adjusted to almost any angle for easy viewing.

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• Multi-Stage Adjustable Temperature • Programmable Fan Delays for Heat, Cool, in Both On and Off • Heat Pump Lock Out with Adjustable Disable Temperature Dimensions-6" (150mm) wide x 4-3⁄8" (110mm) tall x 1-1⁄4" (30mm) deep

The Temperature and Humidity Controller is specifically designed to control a Vari-Green fan motor. will be compared to a field adjustable temperature setpoint, processed through a Proportional/Integral/ Derivative (PID) control algorithm to produce a 2

A19D Series Surface Mounted Temperature Controls Product/Technical Bulletin 1 Refer to the QuickLIT website for the most up-to-date version of this document.

Air distribution systems Temperature difference control device ST-E for adjustable air outlets DS 1282 E 03.2006/1 M M t .

Non-Hazardous Areas Adjustable Temperature Switch 6900T* – Probe DESCRIPTION • Highly reliable devices utilizing the CCS Dual-Snap® Belleville disc spring

Wiring Diagram Adjustable Temperature Control Kit #31147 Assembly & Installation Instructions 1. Attach the temp. control unit to the mounting bracket using

MFA110 Adjustable Thermostat with Remote Temperature Sensing Bulb MFA120 Adjustable Thermostat with Fan Harness Kit The MFA110 thermostat may be used to switch either the positive or negative connection.

• Adjustable high temperature limit stop • Manual reset to close contacts Applications 141 Surface Mounted Thermostat The 141 Surface Mounted Thermostat is ideal as a low or high limit control on unit heaters. Also can be used as a

Adjustable Fan Off temperature and fan differential settings Slotted mounting holes Long terminal screws for wiring Dial has individual pointers for fan cut-in and cut-out settings

Taco iSeries Mixing Valves are a breakthrough in precision, cost effective temperature control for heating systems. The iSeries valves are available in two versions, providing either outdoor

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