Toe Kick Baseboard Heaters

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KICKSPACE HEATERS ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS KICKSPACE HEATERS MODELS KS2004, KS2006, KS2008, KS2010 SUBMITTAL DATA INFORMATION Fan Convector/Baseboard Comparison At 200°F EWT; 20°TD At 650 BTU/FT Low Pressure Steam Model# Baseboard C.I. Radiators

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Hydronic Kickspace Heaters TFPD-2 Beacon/Morris TWIN-FLO III heaters are for use with forced hot water residential heating systems and consist of a copper tube, aluminum finned heating element, with an electric motor and blower of unique cross flow design.

Kickspace Heater CKHA/RKHA Series Installation Instructions IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS When using electrical appliances, basic precautions should Dimplex kickspace heaters are designed and tested for safe and trouble-free operation.

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Why Kickspace Heaters? Kickspace heaters are the space-saving alternative to hot water baseboard. Designed to fi t inconspicuously under a cabinet, in the fl oor, on or in the wall,

A New Generation in Kickspace Heaters Top View WH III 5000 Kickspace Heater WH III 9000 Kickspace Heater Side View Flow Rate Fan Baseboard C.I. Radiators Dimensions Weight Weight Flow Rate Loss (head) Model Whispa III RCU Fan Convector † Btu/hr Heat Output – entering air @ 65ºF

•Baseboard heater Provides slow, constant, even heating of a room; good for warming up a cold room or space Fan-Forced Convective Heats people and objects •Ceramic disc heater •Toe-kick heaters •Any heater using a fan Provides fast heating of an entire room or space, especially one that

Dimplex baseboard heaters are the ideal heating solution for any area of your home. Improved Dimensions. Cover/Grille Toe kick heater Dimensions. Grille: • 23 3/8" W • 3 3/8" H Trim Piece Dimensions • 24 1/8” W. • 4 ½” H. Back Box Dimensions. • 22 1/8” W. • 3

Notes on permanently mounted baseboard and toe-kick heaters: 1) Use 120V models to save on electrical circuit, preferably rated at 1000 watts or less 2) Do not install a toe-kick heater on a sink base cabinet. Otherwise use a baseboard unit.

Electric Toe Space Heaters with built-in thermostat Dear Owner, heaters. Studying the instructions first may save you con – siderable time and money later. Observe the following pro – cedures, and cut your installation time to a minimum. To

Product Listing Sterling Heights Corporate Office: (586) 979-1370 AIR CLEANERS Field SlantFin – Boilers & Baseboard Taco Pumps Toe Kick Heaters – Twin Flow III MISCELLANEOUS Aluminum Pipe & Hoods Brass Fittings

Water heaters, pan, and breaker box cover in utility room Maple toe kick in kids bath Check diagrams in desk drawer Drain hot water heaters Heating Install downstairs filter, allowing for future humidifier Make vent in crawl space

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Heating: The oil furnace provides hot water baseboard heat with three separate zones in the home. The main level offers a couple toe-kick heaters as well. Zoning: Property is zoned within the Shoreland district of the Groton Zoning Bylaws.

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