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In a blast furnace, high hot blast temperatures are essential as Blast Furnace Gas Combustion Air Cold Blast Hot Blast 2. Traditional hemispherical domes, for existing blast furnaces might induce the need to also increase

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90+ GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents American National Standard Z21.47/CSA Standard 2.3 for Gas-Fired Central Furnaces, Drop the duct connections through the top of the base

Require a 2 or 3 inch vent pipe depending on your furnace size even though all of the furnaces have a 2 inch opening where the vent pipe connects. hot, neutral and ground. Your furnace will not operate • Even though your furnace has a ½ inch connection for the gas supply line,

HIGH-EFFICIENCY RESIDENTIAL GAS FURNACES. Unitary Products Group, Inc. ©2001 York International Corporation. exchanger composed of top-quality aluminized steel; all promoting long life and reliability. Diamond 90 furnaces are backed with a lifetime limited heat exchanger warranty and a 5-year

Your Heating / Cooling System needs to be properly maintained each year to ensure it is working at peak energy efficiency. Take advantage of these great deals!

Relining for Gas tings of gas & ting the public . er the past . , especially in . significant percentage of the estimated 2.5 million gas furnaces and boilers sold each year replace electric and Ventinox® liners do not “grow” out of the top

As the energy star Plus, two stages of heating minimize temperature swings, so you can save. Bryant Legacy® System 80% Efficiency Gas Furnaces Energy Efficiency 80% The Dependable

gas furnace user’s information manual for the operation and maintenance of your new gas-fired furnace note to installer: this manual must be left

TRANE 95 GAS FURNACES THE WARM SIDE OF TRANE Innovative furnaces with efficiency in mind These top-of-the-line components stages of heating, eliminating hot and cold spots, with an AFUE of up to 96.7%

Rheem Classic® Series Two-Stage Downflow/Horizontal Gas Furnaces FORM NO. G11-524 RGTM- Series 95% A.F.U.E. Input Rates of 60, 75, 90 & 105 kBTU [17.58, 22, 26.38 & 30.77 kW]

Hot Water Boilers Operating instructions and maintenance enclosed Thoroughly read and understand instructions Always leave this manual with stove owner

Downflow, Direct Vent (Sealed Combustion) Forced Air Gas & Oil Furnaces Series M1B, lVllG, M1M & M5S For installation in:, Manufactured Homes, Recreational Vehicles, Park Models, &

In addition to furnaces for Foundry, Electrically heated or gas-fired pit-type/top-loading furnaces with or without air circulation, page 41 The principle of the counterflow heat exchanger is to use the hot exhaust gas coming from the furnace to pre-heat

DGAT, DGAM, DLAS HOT SURFACE IGNITION DOWNFLOW GAS FURNACES (STYLE E & F) 2 Casing Top S1-7945-116/C S1-7945-116/C S1-7945-116/C S1-7945-116/C 3 Limit Switch, 22 Hot Surface Ignitor S1-1474-0521 S1-1474-0521 S1-1474-0521 S1-1474-0521

Guide to High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces • Hot surface igniter Smartlite® technology We Are On Top Of It • Expedited Shipments • Application Expertise • Duplication of All Designs • Wide Range of Materials • Quick Quote Response

ENERGY STAR Gas Furnaces Product List List Posted on March 01, 2013 Below are currently qualified ENERGY STAR models available for sale in the U.S. and Canada ENERGY STAR Partner Brand Name Model Name Model Number Additional Model Information Fuel Type

Your Heating / Cooling System needs to be properly maintained each year to ensure it is working at peak energy efficiency. Take advantage of these great deals!

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