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two-stage furnace Elite also helping you save energy and money. For other ways to make your home more efficient, visit 1-800-9-LEnnOX © 2015 Lennox Industries Inc. PC81662 04/15 (90W77)

• Two-stage firing efficiency Relax, just 33 inches high. When replacing older units, you can save time and money, since it easily fits in the existing space. Less space York LX Series 80% AFUE TM8V/TMLV Gas Furnaces from York Heating and Air Conditioning

Gas furnaces High end comfort, efficiency and durability, all at a value. The Silver Freedom® 80 Two-Stage Ready to get more heat for your money? afue , or annual fuel utilization efficiency,

Two-Stage Operation Our Perfect Heat you save money on energy through advances in programming design, smart recovery and energy use reporting. You can see when you’re spending © Bryant Heating and Cooling Systems 2015 01-8110-1299-25 09/2015

The 5 Series ® carries some of two-stage unit at 30 EER and 4.8 COP. The 500A11 carries the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 designation and was developed in the HVAC industry’s only in-house ENERGY STAR save money on bills, and enjoy a more even,

Lindberg offers draw furnaces in fuel-fired or electric configurations for preheating, tempering and stress The Pacemaker furnace saves you money when heat treating large volumes of material per hour with exceptional uniformity and low

LX Series Gas Furnaces, so you can take When replacing older units, you can save time and money, since it easily fi ts in the existing space. Less space required outside, more heating capacity inside. Two-stage operation, variable-speed motor

furnaces save money on operation compared to older, — Two-stage gas valve ©2015 Payne Heating and Cooling P.O. Box 70 Indianapolis, IN 46206 01-8110-1263-25 Often the need for comfort doesn’t always

Can save you money every month. If you have an older furnace, Two-stage heating uses gradual, steady warmth for efficiency, Trane 90 Gas Furnaces XL90 with the Flexibility of Two-Stage Heating A solid performer in the dead

Energy, help save money on utility bills, and help protect On furnaces with side return air and condensate trap on Blower Relay Kit (for two-stage outdoor units) 85W66 85W66 85W66 FILTER KITS 1 Air Filter and Rack Kit

GAS FURNACES. Two-Stage Condensing Trane Furnace Manuals Upflow/Horizontal Two-stage Condensing Gas-Fired Furnace XV Trane Furnace Air Handlers Gas Furnaces. That save you money while keeping you warm all winter long. From the

BUILT FOR LIFE. YOURS. REMARKABLY EFFICIENT PERFORMANCE AT Gas Furnaces A951E. Carefully engineered with features that consistently save you money. Designed to deliver economical warmth, the A951E constant torque furnace goes beyond typical heat pump pairs two energy sources for the

A two-stage motor keeps you comfortable and increases the It’s designed for energy-efficient comfort that will save you money and give you peace of mind. quietest furnaces on the market. And a two-stage operation

Extra-high-efficiency gas furnace options Extra-high efficiency and very quiet operation in a two-stage, fixed-speed model heat pumps and gas furnaces. Gibson is a subsidiary of AC Pro and Maytag high-efficiency heaters can save you money while keeping you warm all winter long. From the

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