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The model and manufacturing number are used for positive identification of component parts used in manufacturing. FURNACE SPECIFICATIONS 11 1. These furnaces are manufactured for natural gas operation. Optional kits are available for conversion to propane operation. 2.

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furnaces used more electricity than their DOE test procedure ratings suggest: with a median of 82% above furnace motors on electricity and gas use: Results from the CCHT research facility and projections. National Research Council Canada report.

Manufacturer TradeName Fuel Type AHRI Certified Ref # Model Number Input Rating (kBtuh) AFUE EF EaE Frigidaire gas 2029280 FG7TL 100*-*C* 100 95.1 96.7 326

Permanent magnet or variable speed furnace motors are used instead of single-speed, permanent split capacitor motors. Variable speed motors High efficiency furnaces Quantity (1) Price (2) Quantity (3) Price (4) Constant 13462*** (2253) 998*** (4.4) 13683*** (2540) 784***

Venting & Draining Condensing Gas Furnaces Tech to Tech Column Nov. 07 “Make daily deposits to your box of knowledge, soon it will have many

10 YEAR WARRANTY Gibson 95.1 AFUE and 92.1 AFUE two-stage, variable speed gas furnaces are built using proven technology and reliable components protected by our heavy-gauge, scratch-

Twinning is used to make two furnaces operate in tandem, using a common Only single and two stage furnaces with PSC motors may be twinned. Both furnaces must be installed using the same Return and Supply, refer to Fig 1. Fig 1:

Electricity and Natural Gas Efficiency Improvements for Residential Gas Furnaces in the U.S. 6 To estimate the energy consumption of furnaces if they used alternate designs rather than the existing

Since 1985, equipment manufacturers have used GE ECMTM motors in residential air conditioners and furnaces. These motors have made it possible to achieve SEER ratings of 12 and

Oil furnaces have two main systems, Number 2 fuel oil is used in residential and commercial. These motors are usually permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors, they have excellent running efficiency, and no external parts to wear out.

Trane oil 171093 ADF1M087A9V3SA 105 84.8 92.6 512 BROAN, NORDYNE INC. Eligible ENERGY STAR ® Qualified Furnaces with ECM Motors The installed ducted, forced air natural gas or propane furnace must be an ENERGY STAR qualified unit

And second stage on two-stage furnaces). For cooling, the PSc motor rePlAcementS designed with multiple speeds, It is important to understand how ECMs can be used to re-place failed PSC motors or address comfort complaints. Con-

Speed furnaces with ECM motors are quieter and reduce tem-perature swings. How much do ECM fan motors save? Power venting—To blow exhaust outdoors using a small fan. Usually, the vent pipes for a condensing furnace emerge from the side of the house.

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