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Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Water Heaters Buyer's Guide Natural Gas Water Heaters

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VENT-FREE INFRARED NATURAL GAS HEATER OWNER’S OPERATION AND INSTALLATION MANUAL Models: Unconfined Space The National Fuel Gas Code, ANSIZ223.1, 1992, • type of gas used (propane/LP or natural gas) • purchase date

527 CMR 30.00: UNVENTED PROPANE OR NATURAL GAS-FIRED SPACE HEATERS Section 30.01: Purpose 30.02: Scope 30.03: Definitions 30.04: Installation In buildings served by an unvented propane or natural gas-fired space heater, a primary

Space Heaters. Rinnai’s extensive your old space heater > Full electronic thermostatic control, select a desired temperature which is then > Available in both Natural Gas and LPG > Suitable for large living areas > 2 speed fan allowing for even

HEATEC TEC-NOTE. Page 2 gas. One of two methods may be used to heat the heater used to remove CO 2 in treatment of natural gas Several types of solid desiccants are also used to dehydrate natural gas by the process of adsorption.

• Devices that will turn off the gas supply to a gas water heater Natural gas models require a minimum gas supply pressure of 4.5” These water heaters cannot be used in space heating applications only.

System uses a natural gas water heater to provide space heating as well as domestic hot water (e.g. laundry, showers, dishwasher, etc.). vented natural gas space heaters are available. Care of your heating system • Home heating systems need periodic

ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, CSA B149.1, or Propane Storage and Handling Code, • Using it in an enclosed space can kill you. The conversion to or attempted use of natural gas in this LP gas heater is dangerous,

RSCA SERIES CERAMIC HEATERS NATURAL GAS (CHECK ONE) not recognize the warranty for any use other than space heating. This heater is for Indoor Installation only and can be used in unvented mode. The term Unvented actually means Indirect

6 104331 BLUE FLAME NATURAL GAS HEATER FRESH AIR FOR COMBUSTION AND VENTILATION Continued VENTILATION AIR Ventilation Air From Inside Building This fresh air would come from an adjoining

2 Natural Gas Portable Heater Manual. Table of ConTenTs. INTRODUCTION..3

A natural gas burner heats water to be used in the home and stores it in a tank, and surfaces in its direct path. Convection systems warm the room air. Some use natural air circulation to move heat; Gas Room/Space Heater Manufacture r s Atlanta Stove ( T h e rm o l a i r )

The mounted space heater is uniquely designed to affi x to the customer’s ceiling and drive the heated air by use of an internal fan, result- Natural Gas or Propane Beacon-Morris heaters are powered in one of two ways:

Vent-Free Gas Wall Heater Infrared WARNING:This appliance is equipped for (Natural and Propane) unvented propane or natural gas-fired space heaters shall be prohibited in • Type of gas used (natural or propane/lp gas) • Purchase date

use natural gas or propane, but is most commonly • Space heater electrical cords should never be placed under shock, use of space heaters in bathrooms, laundry areas or other areas where water is present should be avoided. • Space heaters should not be used in areas where

There is less danger of this type affecting indoor air quality than an unvented space heater. Unvented combustion heaters use indoor air for combustion and vent the combustion They usually burn kerosene or natural gas. Kerosene burning heaters are typically portable and can be moved around

HEATEC TEC-NOTE. Page 2 gas. One of two methods may be used to heat the heater used to remove CO 2 in treatment of natural gas Several types of solid desiccants are also used to dehydrate natural gas by the process of adsorption.

Efficiently on low-cost natural gas, butane or propane. The use of catalytic heaters has been ,portable heaters,heater enclosure packages,infrared,flameless,radiant,heat,catalyst,meter house heating,hazardous space heating,pipeline heater,Bruest

Where unvented infrared heaters are used, natural or mechanicalmeansshallbeprovidedtosupplyandexhaust warrants to the original owner of any Space-Ray infrared gas heater that said heater will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normaluseandservice.

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