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Why We Don’t Do “Ventless” Gas Stoves Our commitment to safety Because of our commitment to build stoves meeting only the highest safety and air quality standards, Woodstock Soapstone

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Vent Free Tankless gas water heater Presentation Overview • Vent Free Appliances • Product Specs • Marketing strategy • Case studies successful installations

Vent-Free Gas Wall Heater Infrared WARNING:This appliance is equipped for (Natural and Propane) gas. Field conversion is not permitted In the State of Massachusetts, unvented propane or natural gas-fired space heaters shall be prohibited in

DIRECT VENT GAS WATER HEATER WHAT TO DO IF YOU SMELL GAS • Do not try to light any appliance. • Do not touch any electrical switch; LOCATING THE WATER HEATER WARNING Water heaters are heat-producing appliances. To avoid damage or injury,

Clothes dryers are powered by either utility supplied electricity or gas (natural gas or propane). Electric dryers require a dedicated 240 voltor 120 (V) outlet while gas dryers, which tend to

Propane furnaces, space heaters and water heaters produce about 50% less complete fuel cycle greenhouse gas emissions than from overseas, the vast majority of propane gas is manufactured right here at home. Talk to your builder about using propane,or to

Find the cheap Heat Machine Gas Fire Manual, The installation of unvented gas-fired space heaters, gas stoves, gas logs, gas with the and as a vent-free heating unit or ventless heating system in the owners manual. Merker gas-fired

All About Gas Fireplaces Produced by Office of Energy Efficiency Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide The Heating and Cooling Series is published by Natural

DIRECT VENT GAS FIREPLACE HEATERS in the USA and Canada as follows: lIsteD VeNteD GAs FIRePlAce HeAteR TESTED TO: ANSI Z 1.88b- 008/CSA .33b- 008 STANDARDS A manufactured home (USA only) or mobile home OEM installation must conform with the Manufactured

Cast Iron Gas Stoves Like all Lopi gas products, our gas stoves are serious heaters. All stoves are listed as heater rated furnaces. Lopi gas stoves provide radiant heat to the immediate area, and unlike most cast iron stoves they have the added benefit of a built-in convection chamber,

Vent-Free Gas Hearth Products Model 34ZC in Prestige Bookcase Mantel. Buck Stove Vent-Free fireplaces are 99.9% fuel efficient and require no electricity making them the perfect alternative for emergency heat during power outages.

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