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Like all Modine gas-fired unit heaters, these heaters feature efficient air-foil heat-exchangertubes and effective heat-transfer surfaces designed to maximize heat transfer from the burned fuel to the air gas and electricity.

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Residential Gas water heaters in the field. No duplication or reproduction of this sufficient electricity to the gas valve This class of residential gas water heaters meet the new ANSI standards and testing protocols

This is a Direct Vent Gas Water Heater where all air for combustion is obtained from the outside atmosphere and all flue gases are discharged to the outside atmosphere. GAS WATER HEATERS SUITABLE FOR WATER (POTABLE) HEATING AND SPACE HEATING

Tradition lives on through these gas stoves. WHY QUADRA-FIRE For more than 30 years, Quadra-Fire has put performance and easy operation above all else. FAN KIT BK-GAS OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROLS: HUDSON BAY FOR GARNET.

Central heating systems within a domestic property are often overlooked and taken for granted. Burns ‘gas oil’ used mainly in oil Aga’s • Solid mineral fuel Heating emitters – fan heaters

Allow hot water if boiler fails No chance of water growing harmful bacteria Disadvantages sources: gas, oil or electricity Greater chance of the water growing harmful bacteria If the boiler fails there is no emergency backup

DV-25-1SG 25,000 btu Nat or LP Gas DV-35-1SG 35,000 btu Nat or LP Gas Blower EMP DVB-1 $101.59 GAS SPACE HEATERS 5.15.07 BZ Warranty: 10 year combustion no electricity required TERS *Special Order + Frt

According to Consumers Reports “ [ventless gas] heaters contribute significantly to indoor air pollution. If you’re plan-ning to buy a gas fireplace, a vented model should be your first choice. That’s especially wise if any household member has

No Electricity Is Needed To Start Or Operate Our Gas Stoves. Our gas stoves are easy to start and operate. Order your Soapstone Gas Stove Today! CALL 1-800-866-4344 Woodstock Soapstone Company, Inc., 66 Airpark Rd., West Lebanon, New Hampshire 03784

Apply to the installation of a vented room heater. off electricity and gas to heater when working on it. This will prevent any electrical shocks or burns. 12. WILLIAMS GAS CONTROL VALVE P322051 (OR) P322052 (OR) P500419 (OR) P5004_,0

Natural gas or are relocating the heating system within the house. Unvented gas space heaters do not re q u i r e venting to the outside, because they have small burners that do not create combustion byproducts at a level that could be hazardous.

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