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The molding flask should be placed near the furnace Gas-fired smelting furnace By E. R. HAAN WITH THIS SMALL FURNACE you can melt down aluminum, brass and copper; preheat use either LP or city gas. The cost runs from $25 up. The refractory lining: To do this you mount

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12 VDC WALL THERMOSTAT AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS ROOF TOP UNITS ONLY the fan runs continuously and the compressor cycles “on” and “off” as needed. Strip if the thermostat is operating a gas fired furnace.

Troubleshooting Common Thermostat Problems Signature/Star Series (Except Unit running backwards – cooling on heat demand, heating on cool demand 4) Unit runs both heat and cool at the same time 5) Display thermostat with a flush-mount model, a P474-1050, -2050, or -2150

Horizontal (Side Wall) Vent Termination: All horizontal vent runs must be sloping upwards to obtain 1/4" (in.) rise per foot of pipe from the furnace to the vent terminal. This insures proper drainage of the condensate back to the condensate drain.

Basic components of a forced air system arc a furnace unit, a remote air conditioner (compressor/condenser unit), with short runs of ductwork from the furnace to the air outlets. It is best to mount the starting collar on the side of the plenum,

Direct-vent gas appliance must use a separate vent system.Donot Horizontal runs of vent must be supported every three feet. Use wall straps for this purpose. Wall Firestop Direct Vent Pipe VENTING INSTALLATION Continued

Do not mount the Ventilation Controller on the supply plenum or duct. wall-mounted hood), fresh air intake duct, ventilation controller, gas meters, garbage containers or swimming pools)* • At least 18" (457mm)

Congratulations! Your new, higher ef´Čüciency gas furnace is a sound investment which Thirty to forty seconds after the thermostat is adjusted to signal the furnace to start, the gas valve will permit the thermostat. In the ON position, the furnace blower runs continuously except for a

High-Efficient Direct-Vent Wall Furnace Horizontal and Vertical Vent Runs Available as Accessories for • More Efficient Heating Means More Savings Gas can heat your home for a fraction of the cost of electric heat, and

• Vertical wall mount hydronic heat Air Handler de- • Wall hanging bracket provided. • Flue gas door switch. Cabinet Construction Features Extensive wire runs will require larger wire sizes. DISCHARGE AIR FRONT RETURN AIR REMOVABLE

Suburban DYNATRAIL furnaces installed in recreational vehicles are classified as the wall thermostat conta cts close. 2. Disconnect leads to the gas valve. If the furnace runs properly with the leads removed,

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