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COMMERCIAL ATMOSPHERIC GAS WATER HEATERS Water jet sediment reduction side inlet Clean out port Optional Leg Extension Kit lifts water heater to NSF-5 standard insulation – Does not contribute to global warming

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2 Conventionally Aspirated, Gas-Fired Storage Water Heater This cutaway diagram illustrates the major components of a typical conventionally aspirated,

RESIDENTIAL Our high efficiency residential gas water heaters – This special high efficiency design is the result of 2 Inch thick Foam Insulation,

Harrier GTS boilers are cast iron sectional pressure jet boilers offering high efficiency operation, ease of maintenance, the Local Authority, gas or water undertakings. In general, commercial closed pressurised systems are provided with

JET A or JP-8 fuels to avoid risk of fire or explosion. Never use gasoline, naphtha, paint thinners or water will cause the ignition control assembly to shut down heater. Foreign matter may also GAS GARAGE HEATERS PROPANE/LP CONVECTION HEATERS PORTABLE KEROSENE/DIESEL FORCED AIR

Water Heaters Noritz Residential 531 Series Models N-0531S N-0531S-OD Gas Consumption—NG 140,000 Max TUH 20,000 Min TUH 140,000 Max TUH 20,000 Min TUH

That roared like jet engines. The slower the hot water ran, the hot-ter it got, so adjusting the water temperature in the shower was often a challenge. Many of us installed tankless water heaters only to go back later to replace gas tankless water heater.

Propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions A traditional propane water heater emits 60 percent fewer CO 2 emissions than its electric counterpart. In addition to saving energy, new propane tankless

3 Q. Are on-demand tankless water heaters more energy-efficient than tank-type water heaters? Does it cost less to heat water with tankless than with tank-type?

Liquid Gas Scrubbers Liquid Jet Eductors Water Jet Exhausters BULLETIN 7-S BULLETIN 2-M BULLETIN 4-P Heat a liquid Submerged heating Heating and circulating water Preventing freezing of water in gas holder tanks, cups STEAM JET HEATERS

The Bradford White Ultra Low NOx Gas Water Heaters Page Service Procedure Introduction 3 – – – Gas Control Troubleshooting Chart 5 – – – Tools Required for Service 4 – – –

COMMERCIAL ATMOSPHERIC GAS WATER HEATERS Water jet sediment reduction side inlet Clean out port Optional leg extension kit lifts water heater to NSF-5 standard FIVE-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY the industry’s finest commercial protection

COMMERCIAL ATMOSPHERIC GAS WATER HEATERS FEATURING installation-friendly easy fit dimensions, Water jet sediment reduction side inlet Clean out port EZ 80-156N 80 156,000 150 214 73.25 65.5 26 58.5 18 9 16 6 1.5 1 1.5 0.5 440

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