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DEP INFORMATION SHEET Regulation of Outdoor Wood Boilers Effective Date: November 9, 2007 Contact: 1-800-452-1942 or 207-287-2437

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WOOD-CHIP FIRED FURNACES TESTING PROJECT AIR EMISSIONS TESTING AND necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government, any Agency thereof, or the CONEG Policy Research Center, Inc. 2.2 Flue Gas Sampling Locations

Wood Stove Pellet Stove Oil Furnace Gas Furnace Oil With all of this information, Court of Iowa declared in 1998 that government from wood smoke in homes without wood

Q Furnace Oil q Electricity q Wood q Propane q Other (specify)_____ Special Circumstances relevant information held with other government entities and home heat service delivery companies deemed necessary to verify my/our Under the authority of the Home Heating Rebate program,

Biomass Boiler and Furnace Emissions & Safety Regulations i June 2009 government strategy of emission limits that ratchet down to force continual improvement, nat. gas oil wood Measured Performance: EU

Glen Warkentin Manitoba Hydro Gas Division . Treated wood saw cuts shall be protected by end cut treatment. A/ A flexible connector shall not be used on a furnace or other gas-fired appliance installed in a public building such as a school,

Consumers to replace old wood burning wood stoves, fireplaces, This section identifies best management practices with respect to government efforts to reduce wood smoke emissions and appliance using a different fuel (i.e., replacing a wood burning furnace with a natural gas furnace

gas-burning fireplace and for natural gas or propane log lighters installed in any wood-burning fireplace. Installing a fireplace Safety Tips Alberta Building Code and should only be constructed by a qualified tradesperson.

Wood burning stove permit and installation requirements . 1. A building permit is required to install a wood burning stove, pellet stove, or masonry Wood burning appliances shall meet the latest emission standards as stated by the State of Colorado and Federal Regulation 40 CFR Part

While separate DPR has been prepared for the wood fired furnace which has Use of gas fired radiation furnace for annealing is not very popular, rather equipments from SIDBI and from the MSME of the Government of India, which have 25%

Q&A for Installers Venting Solutions for Upcoming Changes to Furnace Standard Situation Approach Technical Issues Solutions No clear run for PVC or CPVC

In Massachusetts, National Grid offers the installation of lighting and other energy saving measures in multifamily homes. Top Natural Gas Saving Tips 1. Tune up your furnace to save $8.80 a month, or replace an 80% efficient furnace with one 90%

Heated with natural gas. Homeowners who have purchased a boiler or furnace should keep the energy efficiency certification label on file, government agencies, and other organizations in the energy efficiency field. Its website is

EnerGuide is the official Government of Canada wood furnace, a wood-oil combination furnace, or a wood stove. 28 yy yy y Final Elect Eng_2 3/20/03 12:32 pm Page 28. has booklets on heating with electricity, gas, oil, heat pumps, and wood.

Coal or Wood Furnace Solid fuel burning for heating purposes Gas Furnace Gas Heating unit (heating only) Gas Logs Gas logs – not centralized Gas Pac Heating and Cooling PACKAGE unit supplied by gas Gas Piping Piping to heating or cooking units

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