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RESIDENTIAL OIL FIRED FURNACES Keep your home warm and comfortable all winter long with an efficient DORNBACK oil-fired furnace! 70.000. 90.000. 105.000.120,000

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Rheem Commercial Classic® Series Package Gas / Electric Rooftop Unit Nominal Sizes 15-25 Tons [52.8 & 87.9 kW] ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Compliant Model Each furnace is equipment with a two-stage gas valve ( ), which provides two stages of gas heat input.

272442-UUM-B-1211 Unitary Products Group 3 HOW YOUR GAS FURNACE WORKS Your furnace is a very easy appliance to take for granted. Season after season, it sits there in your home, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Title: Commercial trial of a gas flow-rate control system to intensify heating of blast-furnace-stove checkerwork Created Date: Sun Nov 07 10:25:17 2004

Totaline® Platforms and Filter Housings 4 Filter Housing For HEATWAVE Gas Furnace AIR-TITE Housing For 1” Filters OUTSIDE PART DIMENSIONS OPENING FILTER

HVAC FORMULAS CFM = _____BTU/Hr / ( 1.08 x Temperature Difference) TON OF REFRIGERATION A 100,000 BTU/hr. oil or gas furnace (100,000 / 3413 = 29.3 KW) COULOMB = 6.24 X 1018 (1 Coulomb = 1 Amp) NATURAL GAS COMBUSTION: Excess Air = 50%

“Residential/Light Commercial HVAC Systems 1,500 CFM system, air heated from 60F to 120 F in furnace Btu/hr = (1.08)(1500)(120 – 60) = 97,200 btu/hr. 9 CEM 162- Spring 2011 Residential Applications – Gas furnaces: upflow, downflow,

This module addresses HVAC criteria related to all commercial building types, including Group R buildings: R‐1 uses Under 300,000 Btu/h (9 HP) Gas‐fired: 500 MBH gas fired furnace

Commercial Gas Furnaces – How Cost Effective & Practical? ACEEE MT Symposium March 21, 2007 Douglas Mahone, HMG

HVAC Code Requirements Q: How do I provide proper combustion air for fuel-burning equipment in one and two family dwellings? Answer: CABO, Chapter 20 Combustion Air Chimney or gas vent Furnace Water Openings heater 2 Continued on next page. CodeHVAC

BELT DRIVE COMMERCIAL GAS FURNACES MODELS: P*HU 3/4 FRO N T LEFT SID E RIG HT SIDE 7/8" H O LE IA M O N 80 D 31 43-1/2 32-1/4 28-1/2 19-1/4 23-1/2 3-3/4 of the furnace jacket and building joists, studs or framing.

All manufacturers have similar coding schemes for their furnace model numbers. Tables 7.2.1- GMNT = Multi-position gas furnace 040 = 40,000 Btu/h 3 = 3 tons Table 7.2.5 Lennox Model Number Description G 40 UH 24 A 045 X Unit Type Series Configuration Nominal Add-

Commercial Hydronic Heat pressure-Fired Steel Boiler Oil, Gas or Combination Hot Water Heating Heating Capacities 262 to 1617 MBH Output 1

The Performance 80 gas furnace with Comfort Heat Technology feature delivers 80.0% AFUE to potentially reduce your energy costs compared to an older, lower efficiency furnace you may be replacing. Innovation and the Environment Leaders in Technology

Filter Housing For Gas Furnace AIR-TITE Housing For 1” Filters OUTSIDE PART DIMENSIONS OPENING FILTER NUMBER W H L W1 L1 SIZE the market, for residential and light commercial use. The space saving design for vertical installations, keeps furnace

The Bard Wall-Mount Gas Furnace is an energy efficient system, which is designed retail stores or other commercial applications. Factory or field installed accessories are available to meet specific job requirements. Ventilation System Packages yStandard – Barometric Fresh Air Damper

Totaline® Platforms and Filter Housings 4 Filter Housing For HEATWAVE Gas Furnace AIR-TITE Housing For 1” Filters OUTSIDE PART DIMENSIONS OPENING FILTER

Commercial Gas Boilers Commercial Gas Boilers LB-500 through LB-1000 Maximum gas supply pressure (natural and propane gas): 13.8˝ w.c. The gas-fired hydronic heating boiler(s) shall be A. O. Smith Legend 2000

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