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ENERGY SAVING & WEATHERPROOFING TIP KB335: Interior air leaks wall to floor joints, wall to wall joints, light fixtures, electrical outlets, window and door frames to interior walls, attic doors and ceilings, and plumbing penetrations. In addition, check around your

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Designed to both save money and protect electronic equipment from damaging electrical surges, Niagara’s Energy Plugging electronic devices into the surge protector’s energy-saving outlets eliminates phantom loads, the electricity

ENERGY SAVING GUIDELINES FOR East Side Union High School District (2004-05) Energy Conservation Measures to be items such as radios, clock radios, desk water fountains, electronic calculators, etc. Use batteries instead of electrical outlets. 2. Office staff should turn off

SAVING ENERGY SIMPLIFIED Table of Contents Chapter 1 Tips to Save Energy Today Chapter 2 Your Home’s Energy Use fixtures, electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures, attic hatches, and other locations where there is a possible air path to the outside.

Energy. saving tips. POWER SMART GUIDE: Energy saving solutions for home comfort *Manitoba Hydro is a licensee of the Trademark and Official Mark. 9

Es and electrical outlets. They can be sealed by installing small foam gaskets available in local hardware stores and building sup- Another energy-saving strategy is to add insulation. As a rule, the older your home, the more insula-tion you’ll need to add.

energy saving kit 1 Questions about the installation or use of any of the products in this kit? Call our energy partners at Annron Services at

Energy Tips & Choices A Guide to an Energy-Efficient Home. electrical outlets farther “down stream” in the branch circuit. Circuit Breaker GFCI most energy-saving choice, followed by halogen flood lamps. The

Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home. Find the Leaks, Then Weatherize 2 Recessed light 6 All ducts 10 Electrical outlets and switches 3 Attic entrance 7 Door frames 11 Plumbing and utilities access 4 Sill plates 8 Chimney flashing. Insulate Against High Bills

ENERGY OPTIMIZATION RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM Winter Energy Saving Tips During cold weather months, use these tips to create a more comfortable and energy

Energy Saving Functionality 9 Life Cycle Impacts 10 – A block of electrical sockets, used for plugging multiple electronic devices into a in use. Always On Outlets – Outlets that are always energized and are not controlled by the built-in functionality of the APS. Controlled Outlets –

• Apply electrical safety and conservation lessons to their daily lives. fault interrupt outlets, power strips, and fuse boxes/circuit breakers. Wasting Energy 1. List five energy saving tips from the comic book. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 2.

Energy Savings Estimator _____ Kw3 minus _____ Kw2 = _____ Kw4 (savings using VFD) Step 5. Multiply Step 4Kw4 savings times hours per year 0.94 Outlet Damper 0.94 Ride the Fan Curve 1.00 Bypass Damper Pumps at 70% of maximum flow*

Tips for Energy Efficiency in Your Home Using energy wisely at home is an important way for all of us to control our electrical

Puzzle piece #14, Girl and Aquarium a. The wall outlet is the electrical connector for the equipment close by. b. The tape recorder and speakers represent users of electrical energy for recording and

Was instrumented to measure the inlet and outlet water temperature at 15-second intervals, the amount of hot water generated, and the amount of energy (gas or electric) used to produce the hot water. Softened Water Benefits Study Energy Savings Energy Savings Executive Summary – continued

Energy. saving tips. POWER SMART GUIDE: Energy saving solutions for home comfort *Manitoba Hydro is a licensee of the Trademark and Official Mark. 9

Do-it-yourself energy savings tips – Install foam inserts on all electrical outlets and switches. – Check for obvious holes in walls, especially the basement, and fill with foam. Energy saving tips Author: pcarpenter Created Date:

• electrical outlets • door and window frames • switch plates • mail chutes • electrical and gas service entrances • baseboards • cable and phone lines For more information about these and other energy-saving ideas for your home,

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