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Forced-air heating systems with a furnace as the heat source are the most common type of central Energy source options include natural gas, oil, propane, electricity or wood. The choice may be based on energy availability, cost and the environment. Electricity and heating oil are available

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90 HORIZONTAL GAS FURNACE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS GAS FURNACE SAFETY Table of Contents any forced air inlet located within 10 ft (3.1 m). This provision shall not apply to the combustion air inlet of a direct vent

NATURAL DRAFT OIL FURNACE – COMPONENTS OIL SUPPLY SYSTEMS Page: 4 Heating – Warm Air – Oil – Installer (C) 2006 NATE All Rights Reserved. Combustion air Fuel oil burner – forced air system VENTING Sizing flue pipe Flue pipe layout Adapting vent draft control – damper

Variable Speed Oil Furnaces Air Conditioner and Oil Furnace System Model OVM Multi-Poise (Shown with optional Riello Burner) Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) Oil-fired forced-air furnace 78% more energy-efficient 96% 81 .6-6 Before purchasing this appliance,

Natural gas, propane gas, oil or electricity only. If you are replacing a heater, you’ll likely use the same fuel or energy then make sure to choose a forced air heating system as your heating type as well. For example, an existing forced air furnace, boiler or packaged unit will

Forced air heats the fastest—Forced air is the most common type of heating system in North America. It accounts for 62% of all home heat- Hot air delivered from this oil-fired furnace isn't the only use for a forced-air sys-tem. It's also used for air conditioning, ventila-tion,

Installation, Operation and Service Manual KLR / KLF series 85% + EFFICIENCY OIL FIRED LOWBOY FURNACE Not heavier than No. 2 furnace oil. ELECTRICAL – 120 Volts, AIR FILTERS To maintain furnace performance and safety,

Connection of Oil Burner to Furnace For Furnace Models: Crown Oil-Fired Central Furnace Installation, Operation, and Service Manual with User’s Information Section, in manuals provided by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standards, Residential Comfort System Installation Standards Manual, and HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual Sources of combustion air FURNACE ACCESS AND CLEARANCES Access to furnace Access to service panel Combustible clearances GAS PIPING

Heating oil and electricity are generally available in most places, but natural gas, which must be delivered by pipe- as an oil-fired, forced-air furnace, although a boiler is often somewhat smaller and heavier. There is no circulating fan

And/or any brand/type of fossil fuel back-up forced air furnace. AdvAnced Technology in elecTric heAT The Next Generation of Dual Fuel Heating Systems. nected to the plenum heater, the “gas / oil” mode is selected. A green pilot light indicates the mode in

Oil-Fired Warm Air Furnaces E C M FEATURING TECHNOLOGY. Safe, Secure, Comfortable, With AFUE efficiencies of up to 85.9%, your Regal furnace may qualify for significant fuel and energy efficiency credits*. The Regal is not only energy-efficient,

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