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Design of Alternative Energy Systems Project 3 Design of Cold Geothermal Systems Due Monday, March 28, 2011 People for Ethical Energy (a consumer advocacy group) is concerned with the pricing of cold geothermal heating and cooling systems. Seattle 4. Los Angeles 9. Phoenix 5.

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VRF Systems • What is VRF? – Most competitive technology to geothermal systems- note that this is using printed unverified information in VRF pamplets. Challenges in Modeling VRF Systems • Cooling / heating capacity and efficiency are

Of the swimming season and on the heating/cooling loads examined: Boston, MA; Charlotte, NC; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Los Angeles, CA; and Seattle, WA. A graph is This study has examined the feasibility of swimming pool heating with geothermal heat pump systems in

Reducing emissions from the heating and cooling systems of the 70 plus million the seasonal cooling EER, and the percentage of heating performed by supplementary electric resistance heat. 5 Geothermal Heat Pump Cost,

In Italy, the geothermal district energy system in Ferrara supplies 2.7 million m3 of heated space (Carella, 1999). individual heating and/or cooling systems, the feasibility of geothermal district heating systems.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: WaterFurnace In fact, geothermal systems have been recognized by the EPA and the Dept. of Energy as the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology available. and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that save you

Implications of Measured Commercial Building Loads on Geothermal System Sizing ASHRAE Annual Meeting June 23, 1999 Hugh I Henderson, Jr. P.E. CDH Energy Corp.

Canadian Geothermal Pioneer GeoTility expands into Washington State Market largest comprehensive geothermal contractor has purchased Seattle based “Earth Heat”, Geothermal heating and cooling systems are also known as ground source heat pump

• Geothermal Systems Feasibility Analysis, Design, Seattle, WA • Greensboro, NC PH 631.589.6353 • FX 631.589.8705 Services GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS CONTACT US for heating and cooling a building’s indoor spaces.

Phase 2B . In this slide show: Waiting Room Geothermal heat/cooling is currently working in Amtrak’s operating space. This system will serve the waiting room area once rehabilitation effort completes. Geothermal heating/cooling works like a car’s radiator. Since ground temperature is a

From a central plant requires less fuel and displaces the need to install separate space heating and cooling and hot water systems in each building. addition to heating and cooling, and can renewable energy such as geothermal, hydrothermal, solar thermal, biogas

Effectiveness of installing ground-source heating, ventilating, and air heating and cooling by as much as 32-40 percent in many locations and applications. • The value of ground-source systems is more evident in extreme climates. • Ground-source systems are invariably more expensive

Home, WaterFurnace systems provide consistent, comfortable heating and cooling. You can even regulate temperatures in different areas of your home with an optional zone control system. And geothermal systems reduce our dependence on foreign oil products. In fact,

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