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5 COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION Upflow/Horizontal 1 Gas Valve 2 Gas Line Entrance (Alternate) 3 Pressure Switch 4 Gas Manifold 5 Combustion Air Intake Connection / “Coupling”

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An older, conventional natural gas furnace or boiler usually has an energy efficiency lower than 65 perc e n t . Today's natural gas heating systems have AFUE ratings that range from 78 to 97 percent for forced air systems

Trane 95 and 90 gas furnaces. Because a cozier, more comfortable home doesn’t have to use a lot of energy. *Independent 2012 HVAC Claim Study, Funded by Ingersoll Rand

Conveniently Convertible The Trane Expanse Low Profile Duct Furnace is the only gas fired duct furnace on the market that ships with a separated combustion

80% Gas Furnace Last Updated Tuesday, 10 June 2014 13:19 installation, and is designed to accept options such as an electronic air cleaner ACCESSORIES

hastingshvac.com Engineer PDH Course#1 Educational Materials Direct Gas-Fired Air Heating Systems Page 2 of 19 ©2005, Hastings HVAC, Inc. Geoffrey W. McLean, PE

This Measure Guideline covers installation of high efficiency gas furnaces. Topics include: when to install a high efficiency gas furnace as a retrofit measure; how to identify and address risks;

SESSION DATE: Wednesday November 28, 2012 WHEN: 3pm to 7pm WHERE: HVAC – Warminster 9 Bonair Drive Warminster, PA 18974 DETAILS FOOD: Light meal provided.

A gas-fired furnace for installation in a residential garage must be installed so the burner(s) and the ignition source are located not less than 18” Gas Furnace FIGURE 8: Combustible Floor Base Accessory FIGURE 9: Horizontal Application

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Most innovative, energy-efficient gas furnace line yet. Small in stature but big on efficiency, these units earn energy efficiency ratings as high as 97% AFUE. Designed to deliver continuous comfort with maximum energy savings, our

Efficiency or AFUE is like gas mileage. The higher the gas mileage or AFUE rating, the more efficient the automobile or system is. With energy costs on the rise, a Carrier gas furnace can help lower your utility costs. 58MSA furnaces have a rating of 90.0% AFUE. 58MCA furnaces have

Specifications subject to change without notice. 441 02 2401 01 June 2011 HOME OWNER’S INFORMATION Induced Combustion Gas Furnace NOTE TO INSTALLER:

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