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Annealing furnace operator Annealing furnace tender Annealing oven operator Annealing torch operator 2800 Structural steel const. 0770 Structural steel const. 23 Supermarket warehouse 4970 Bee breeder Bee raiser Bee robber Bee tender Bee worker Exc. OWN 0180 Exc. OWN 112

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VOLUME 2 ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY 2014 Rs. 250 2 3 4 17 Highlights induction melting furnace globally. People everywhere are open to improvements in safety, to steel melting application with one crucible; and integrated safety,

Zinc furnace charger Zinc miner n.s. Zinc miner, blasting Zinc plate cutter Zinc plater Zinc plating machine operator Zinc skimmer Zincographer Steel fabricator, structural and ornamental metalwork Steel finisher Steel fitter Steel grinder Steel handler Steel hanger Steel heater Steel layer

Regn No: ____ _____ Name: _____ (To be written by the candidates) 6th NATIONAL CERTIFICATION EXAMINATION – May, 2008. FOR. ENERGY MANAGERS & ENERGY AUDITORS

Example: Division 5-Metals includes 05200-Metal Joists, 05210-Steel Joists, 05250-Aluminum Joists & 05260-Composite Joist Assemblies. In this instance, the more broadly defined title, 05200-Metal Joists, BEE KARNES KAUFMAN KENEDY KERR KIMBLE KING KINNEY KLEBERG

Metal furnace operators, tenders, pourers, and casters 51-4051 Structural iron and steel workers 47-2221 Apprentice, jeweler Apprentice, jig and fixture builder Bee breeder Bee raiser Bee robber Bee tender Bee worker Beef boner Beef breaker Beef killer

furnace, induction and heating galvannealing nox, lb/mmbtu # bact determinations done (2) nucor steel corporation reheat furnace #1 receives molten aluminum from melting furnace, mfr: thorpe industrial furnace,

74 10 18 7/26/2012 100 1004 78.66 0.7 10 6.9999999999999993e-2. 74 10 18 7/26/2012 80 963 70.19 2.8 23 0.1217391304347826. 74 10 18 7/26/2012 50 986 61.64 5.5 17 0.3235294117647059

Bee keeping Bird raising, other than poultry Bird skin production from ranching operation Cat and dog raising and breeding Emu raising and breeding Fine or coarse animal hair, not including sheep or goats wool Fur animal raising Fur farming

Furnace after modification Total Investment : ` 2 Lakhs Annual Savings in Rs. : ` 8 First to approach BEE to initiate star ratings for engine driven pumpsets . Casting forged camshaft instead of Steel Camshaft for Ha series eliminated Induction Hardening Operation

“Experience with cokeless melting furnace”, Indian Foundry Journal, 54(8), 29-32. [Bas11] Basak(Dr.) B.K., 2011, visiting S.K., and Cele, A.B., 1995 “Induction Melting Practices: Basic Aspects and Recent Trends,” Indian Foundry steel foundry” Indian foundry

Steel in primary form, from ore or scrap, production (manufacture) Steelmaking furnace (manufacture) Steelwork erection (building) Steelwork erection Title document printing (manufacture) Toast racks made of base metal (manufacture) Toaster

Screen Doors and Window Screens, Steel Frame 15074 Sliding and Rolling Doors, Commercial Type; and Hardware 42581 Stands, Office Equipment and Machines 42583 Storage Cabinets, Data Processing 42587 Storage Cabinets, Metal 42589

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